So what's YOUR story? In what powerful ways could it change someone's life?

...There you have it. That's why the enemy WANTS you to give up. In a time when giving up is simply NOT AN OPTION, more people than ever before are giving up on their faith and walking away from God's plan for their lives. In my book, "CPR for Your Faith from Beyond Death's Door (Resuscitating the Christian Heart...Yes, Your Ship is Coming In!)", I'll not only tell you MY story. I'll also share powerful, faith-building principles that will equip YOU with the special "CPR" your weakened faith needs. It's time to get you started on your journey to getting YOURS out there. Let's do this! For more info and purchase links for the book, see below. To read the first five chapters right now, click the button below. Your time is NOW!

CPR for Your Faith from Beyond Death’s Door

From Rivers of Grace Books… New 35th Year Revised Edition!

Have you been through a traumatic event in your life? Have you felt like giving up on your faith in God?

Hi, I’m Flossie Stewart, author, mom, grandmother, singer, speaker, sole proprietor of my imprint, Rivers of Grace Books, and daughter of the King. I’m glad you stopped by. Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair. So, let me ask you something…

Does your faith need God’s CPR?

If you answered yes to those questions, your faith needs a special kind of CPR…

November 16, 2020, marked the 35th anniversary of the day I almost died. 2020 was also a year of tragedies that almost destroyed me. On August 29, 2020, I lost my husband. Then, on December 2nd of that same year, I lost my mother. Yet through the grace of God, I have triumphed…

and so will you. I first published CPR for Your Faith from Beyond Death’s Door earlier that year, before any of us knew what was about to hit us. Now, my new, revised edition is available. I feel confident that no matter what storms or dark valleys you may have faced, this book will be a powerful encouragement to you. My prayer is that it will challenge you to reach new heights in your faith as we go through this journey together. I hope you will get your copy today. You can click the link below to read the first 5 chapters for FREE.

Click here to read the first 5 chapters FREE.

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The pulse of the Body of Christ has dangerously weakened…and we are running out of time.

Powerful faith principles you’ll discover…

  • 5 reasons your faith is under attack
  • God’s CPR and the importance of unclogging your “faith arteries”
  • The Great Physician’s recommendations for a healthy Christian heart
  • Throwing off excess baggage and preparing to sail toward God’s plan for you
  • Navigating your course with God’s “GPS”
  • The part of the iceberg the enemy doesn’t want you to see
  • The crucial reasons giving up is absolutely NOT an option
  • How working together, our “pulse” as the Body of Christ can beat strongly again, and more…

Many of us have suffered unbelievable losses and hardships during this past couple of years. The enemy wants to use it all to destroy you and cause you to give up, as I almost did. The pulse of the Body of Christ has dangerously weakened, and we are running out of time. To read my testimony and learn the powerful principles of the special CPR your faith needs, and the urgent message that the Church can no longer afford to ignore, click the links below to order your copy of my book.

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NEW! Now also Available in Hard Cover Edition!

Thanks for stopping by, & God bless you!

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