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 River_of_Secrets,_Su_Cover_for_Kindle (3)My 2nd book, “River of Secrets, Summer of the Rose”, which is the first in the “Enchanted River of the Rose” series, has just gotten another facelift. It has a new cover, AND a new price. It is now listed in Juvenile Fiction, although I feel it could appeal to young and old alike. It is a “coming of age” story in a sense, thus, its appeal to the younger generation, and, since it is being “told” by its main character, “Anna”, who is now 87, it can also be enjoyed by the older crowd as well. Of course, most of the story, as Anna tells it, happened before the turn of the century, so with this in mind, I think it holds a special “flavor” of the south in the early days of Southern America, which will set most of its readers to recalling fond memories of their grandparents and the stories they used to tell of those days. Indeed, part of my inspiration for the book was remembering my grandmother and her sisters as they worked together on a quilt, or at other times, the stories she told of all of them (eleven in all) growing up in the Great Depression. I did do quite a bit of research during the writing of this one, so as to add authenticity to the story.

That being said, it is now available in the Createspace E-store (through Amazon), although it will take a few more days for it to be available through the regular channels, and on my Amazon page, until it has time to update in their system. Of course, as they have told me, if you order it, you should receive it with the new cover. So, new cover, and (drum roll), new price. The print version is now only $9.95.

Here is the link if you would like to check it out:


Also, both my books are in the Kindle Matchbook promotion, which means, if you order the print version, or have in the past, the Kindle version is FREE. And, as usual, the Kindle versions of both my books, this one and “Return to Freedom, Voices in the Wind”, are only $2.99. You don’t have to have a “Kindle” device to be able to download the Kindle versions of books. Now, there is an app you can download right onto your phone or other device for free. So stop by and take a look.

For a sneak preview, click the link below, and scroll down.

Here is a sneak preview excerpt from the book.

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“Return to Freedom, Voices in the Wind”, a #timetravelfantasy #Sneakpreviewexcerpt #promexcerpt

Since this is “prom season”, I have decided to share this little excerpt from my first book, “Return to Freedom, Voices in the Wind”, with you. Although I assume most of the schools have had their proms by now, the memories we create at our high school proms are timeless treasures that we keep in our hearts for the rest of our lives. My first prom was very special to me, as my husband, who was also my high school sweetheart, was the one who took me. In this scene, Corey, who is a high school teacher, is talking with some of the other teachers as they wait for the students to begin arriving. As he and his wife, Karen, are both teachers, (Karen teaches middle school), they soon find themselves on a mission to create a “path for learning” for their children, as advised by the mysterious Native American friend he meets, who has a hand in preparing them for their upcoming vacation, one that will take them on a journey that they will never forget. So, without further ado, here is an excerpt from the prom scene in the book:

Also, the book now has a new cover, although you may still see the old version of it for a while until it has time to update in their system, however, if you order the print version, you will receive the new version. My books are also in the Kindle Matchbook program, which means if you buy the print version, or have in the past, the Kindle version is free. Visit the page for more info. Get your copy and join the Wilkersons as they are about to embark on a journey they will never forget!


New Cover! Now available on Amazon!
New Cover! Now available on Amazon!

He drove cautiously through the neighborhoods. Already, limos were parked here and there, waiting for their passengers, elegantly dressed young men and women posing out in their yards as cameras snapped away, preserving the memories that would be treasured years down the road.

He showed his teacher’s ID badge to the security officer and drove into the already fast filling parking lot. It was still a little early but many were arriving early to get into the line where pictures were being made, although some had chosen to have theirs made professionally. A handful of teachers and staff had arrived and stood around sipping punch and talking as he walked into the elaborately decorated gym turned dance floor.

“Hi Corey!” a couple of them called out to him. A few parents had come to help serve refreshments and were helping to set up the table. The DJ for the evening was busily setting his equipment up. If he hadn’t known better, he would have never known it was a gymnasium. For this year’s theme, they had set it up to look as though one had walked onto a cruise liner.

“They did an excellent job on this didn’t they?” Kathy Harrelson, one of the eleventh grade English teachers, commented as he walked up and joined them.

“Yes, they certainly did!” he replied. “I would have never known the difference!”

“Makes you want to go and take a cruise doesn’t it?” James Edwards, an Algebra teacher added.

“It sure does!” Corey said, looking around really taking note of it all for the first time.

“Actually, my husband and I are supposed to be going on one this summer! We’re very excited about it!” Kathy said enthusiastically.

“I know you’re looking forward to it!” James said. “Well, it’s about time for our guests to begin arriving! Think I’ll go and sneak one more cup of this punch,” he continued, excusing himself.

“Now, save some for the students!” Kathy called after him, smiling.

“Seems like I heard someone say we were going to start having the prom at a hotel ballroom next year,” she said in a questioning tone.

“Yes, they were talking about it at the board meeting,” Corey answered.

“I didn’t know. I wasn’t able to make the meeting,” she said.

“Well, that would be a nice change,” Tom Knudson said. As students were beginning to arrive, they all made their way to various locations, some near the door to greet those coming in. Then, in the next moment, it happened.

The lights went down, now replaced by special lighting that made one think of being in the ballroom of a cruise ship. In an instant, the whole scene was transformed. The “magic” of the evening had begun. A local lighting business had even donated a couple of less expensive replicas of chandeliers such as those used on cruise liners for them to use for the evening. Suddenly, it was as though they had all been transported to another place. It was truly amazing how they could do this so well, that it was almost convincing.

Now came his favorite part. Being the outgoing, well-liked teacher that he was, he had taken a place near the door. He loved watching their faces light up as they came in, their expressions star-gazed as they looked around, taking it all in. They had even had some help in constructing something similar to the front end of a cruise ship. This was where the king and queen would be introduced later in the evening.

Just then, Rudy Jenkins, the school’s principal, walked over and said something to the DJ, who then handed him the microphone. After a quick welcome announcement along with a reminder to everyone to help make it a safe and fun evening for all, he handed it back to the DJ, who took it and immediately began speaking. He spoke quickly and enthusiastically, starting the song playing when he was halfway through.

“Alright, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this year’s prom, the event you’ve been waiting for all year long! This year’s theme is “Cruising”, so all aboard! Our “ship” is now departing, so hope this will be a wonderful evening for everyone! Now, to start things off, I’ve had a request to play this song in memory of Aiden Jacobson, who was last year’s prom king, so in his memory, and in honor of our theme for this year, here’s a special song to get this ship sailing, so take your lady or your man by the hand, get close, and hope everyone has a lovely evening!”

There were gasps and comments of approval as couples took to the dance floor and began moving slowly with the music. It was the love theme song from a movie about the Titanic. The enchantment of the evening had begun. It always had a way of working its “magic” on him. He stood sipping punch and watching as they let the music take them away. More continued to arrive, and each time, the same amazed expressions as they looked around. “Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy the evening!” he said as they entered. He always enjoyed seeing all the new styles and designs of dresses and tuxedos. It was like a sea of colors as he watched them, their dresses swishing and swaying as they danced through the evening.


If you enjoyed this sneak preview excerpt and would like to read more, you can purchase “Return to Freedom, Voices in the Wind” from Amazon. My other book, “River of Secrets, Summer of the Rose”, first in the “Enchanted River of the Rose” series, which is also a time travel fantasy, is also available for purchase. Check back or subscribe to my email via the tab above so you can receive an email as more titles become available in the near future!

Upcoming Event: Wednesday, March 18th at Johnston Community College!


Author Event at Johnston Community College

Wednesday, March 18th

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

In the Library’s North Carolina Room,

I will be holding a book reading, along with an insightful talk on my reading inspirations, and question and answer session,


I will have a few of my books handy! I have a few with the new covers, and some with the old ones.

FREEDOM_THUMBNAIL_IMAGERiver_of_Secrets,_Su_Cover_for_Kindle (2)

If you would like to come, but are not sure of where the college is, here is the address:

Learning Resource Building (LRC) Building E
Johnston Community College
245 College Road
PO Box 2350
Smithfield, NC 27577



I know, I meant to post this much sooner, but I have had a lot going on lately, sorry for that. But I am just posting it here now, for any of my local friends who would like to join us, you are most certainly welcome to come! The picture above is not very good, since I had to take it off my computer screen, but is a copy of the poster they are using to advertise for the event around the college, with the exception of the fact that I changed the pics of my books to the new covers I have just designed. So, consider this an invite! Feel free to reblog this or share it!

I hope to see you there!

“Return to Freedom, Voices in the Wind” – Another Sneak Peak…


Hi again,
I know I haven’t been on in a week or so. A lot is happening in my life right now, and of course, I will try to catch you up on it all. For now, I thought you would like another sneak preview snippet of my current book, which is already published, “Return to Freedom, Voices in the Wind”. You have probably already read what it’s about on my ‘Books Available Now’ page here on my blog/site.

If you have, then you know that in this story, you are taken on a powerful journey into the past, where you follow “Soaring Eagle” and his people in the Lakota Sioux tribe on their journey, their “Return to Freedom” after they were taken to serve as slaves. You follow him as he grows from a small, frightened young boy to a strong, proud warrior and leader of his people, who will stop at nothing to find his people and bring them home.

Then, we return to the present, and follow Corey and Karen Wilkerson, both teachers, who have decided to take their children on an educational yet fun vacation. Little do they know, they are about to embark on a journey they will never forget. Here, we join the Wilkersons, as Corey and his family sit down to dinner. It is prom week at the high school, where Corey is a U.S. History teacher, so that might clue you in as to their discussion at the dinner table. In this little snippet I am including here for you, it is Corey, just getting home, who begins the discussion. Enjoy, and if you would like to read more, you can purchase it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Books-A-Million!

Just a little note here: Although Bryan, 13, and Stephanie, 10, are making progress on their journey to maturity, as Corey and Karen have been working to help prepare them for their upcoming vacation so that they will appreciate it and get what they want them to get out of it, you will see at this point that they are still somewhat in a sort of rivalry with each other, which proves at times to be downright entertaining. And now, we join the Wilkersons at their dinner table….

“This is great!” he said, as they all ate together.
“Yeah, this is awesome, Mom, thanks!” Bryan said as he wolfed down his food.
“Simply delicious, Mom, thank you for bringing it home!” Stephanie added as she politely ate her food.
“Well, you are all welcome! Glad you are enjoying it.”
“Can I have another taco?” Bryan asked.
“Sure, I bought plenty!” his mom said.
“So how was your day?” she asked Corey.
“It was pretty good. We were reviewing for the test Friday.” There was a short pause as they all ate quietly. “Tomorrow we are having the program in the auditorium, you know on being safe during prom weekend, not texting or drinking and driving.”
“Oh yes, that’s right, prom is this weekend,” she said.
“Yes, and that’s also why we set good examples for the kids on that too,” he said, wanting the kids to hear him.
“Well, I was sitting in the parking lot at the restaurant when I texted you,” she said, catching his hint.
“I’m glad you and dad are always doing things safe!” Stephanie said, reaching over and hugging her mom.
“When I get old enough to drive, I’m always going to be safe. I’m never going to text and drive!” Bryan exclaimed proudly.
“That’s my man!” his dad said, putting an arm around his shoulder.
A couple more minutes passed as they enjoyed the meal together. “I was thinking…” Karen said, reaching for another taco. “I thought it would be a good idea if we invited your mom and dad to go to the lake with us.”
“Alright! That would great if Grandma and Grandpa could go with us!” Bryan said, finishing his plate.
“Well, I think that would be a wonderful idea. We could bring the tents and camp out overnight, maybe even do a little fishing,” Corey said.
“Wow, that would be great!” Bryan said excitedly.
“That’ll be fun!” Stephanie said.
“Well, we’ll call them and see what they say,” their dad said, taking a sip of his tea. “Maybe we’ll even take the skillet and cook the fish we catch and I can teach you kids how to live off the land!”
“Oh, you mean all that boy scout stuff you learned?” Bryan asked, curiously.
“Sure, why not? It’s stuff you might need to know one day!” his dad answered.
“Sounds like fun!” Bryan said, getting up and taking his plate to the trash. “OK, I’m going upstairs to do my homework. Thanks mom! That was awesome!” he said hugging her.
“It sure was mom! Love you!” Stephanie said, hugging her from the other side.
“I’m glad you liked it!” she said.
“I’ll help you clean up, mom, before I go do my homework!”
“Thanks sweetie!” she said, as she took a sip of her tea, relaxing for a moment longer as Stephanie began clearing the table.
“Well, I’ll go ahead and call them in a little while,” Karen said, as she finished her tea and got up to help her daughter clean up.
“I think it will be good for them. We hardly ever get any time with them,” he said, putting an arm around her as he went to throw his plate away.
“Good thing I bought these disposable plates, not so many dishes to wash!” she said.
“Well, I’m going in here and sit down and relax for a bit, unless there’s something I can do for you first,” he said.
“No, I think we’ve got it,” she said, as she leaned up and kissed him. “Thanks, though. You go sit down and rest. I’ll be in there in a few minutes.”
“Alright, Hon,” he said, going into the living room as she and Stephanie finished up in the kitchen.
“Thanks for helping me, Stephanie!” she said.
“You’re welcome, Mom! I’m going up to my room to work on my homework.
“OK.” she answered.
With dinner over, they could all sit down and relax. She liked to make those good old fashioned home cooked meals whenever she could; but, with them both having busy schedules as teachers, sometimes a good quick meal from one of their favorite restaurants served the purpose just as well, and allowed them to have more family time. They liked to relax a little together before they planned their lessons for the next day.


Well, that’s it for now. If you would like to read the rest and follow the Wilkersons on their journey, there are a couple of surprises at the end, that make this a powerful journey that you won’t soon forget! So head on over to get yours now, and join the guests around the campfire at Windy Mountain Campground and Resort, where the “wind seems to blow in whispers, almost like “…Voices in the Wind”…

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