A Sermon by a 12-Year-Old?

A sermon by a 12-year-old?…


Well, actually, it’s straight from our Lord Himself. The 12-year-old was just the vessel. He chose to deliver the message, the hands that wrote it. She just started writing one day, in one of those tiny little notepads with an ink pen, kept writing, and then couldn’t stop. It just continued to flow through her willing hand (not the one in the cast, 🙂 good thing she’s right-handed). When she was done, her dad saw what she had been doing and told her mother, “Look at this! She has sat here and written a sermon!” Of course, she didn’t realize when she started writing it that that’s what she was doing. It just started coming to her, and so, she just started writing until there it was. You know, it’s really something isn’t it, how 12-year-olds have a way of getting straight to the point? So, here it is, unedited just as she wrote it…

(Note: please excuse misspellings, etc., as again, this is just the way it was written.)


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus; How He suffered for me. There is something about that name. And as he hung upon that old rugged cross, so long ago, He said, “Lord, Forgive them, for they know not what they do!” He loved us so much that He died for us, so that we could be forgiven! And how much does this world love Him?

Why, a lot of people don’t even care! These are the same ones who go out and get drunk, and kill people, rob them, and are so quick to criticize others without knowing the whole story. They go on dope and drugs or liquor. Then they have such a big problem or your problem, and you feel miserable, and say that there is no one for you to turn to; then wait just a moment! There is someone you can turn to. Turn to Jesus! He knows your every thought or care. He even knows what you’re thinking. But please, don’t commit suicide! I want to tell you why. Because in the Bible, the 20th chapter of Exodus, 13th verse, it says “thou shalt not kill.” This also means not to kill yourself, and I don’t think it would work to say, “Lord, forgive me for what I am about to do.” You could not ask forgiveness after you kill yourself. It would be too late!

When you take a bath, you remove your clothes, the same as to when you die. When you die, your soul goes to one of two places, Heaven or hell. some of you may say, “I want to go to hell where my buddies are.” But it’s not going to work that way. If you go to hell, you will burn in a very, very hot place, called torment forever and forever. It would be pretty uncomfortable. Next, you will not be with all your buddies. You will be by yourself, off in a place by yourself. But there will be a lot of people there. However, if you would rather go to Heaven it’s very wonderful and beautiful up there. Jesus is up there! No one can describe how lovely it is.

Here is something that should not be put off, but should be done right now. You don’t have very long you know. First, you choose who you will serve. You have two choices: the devil (Satan) who will only get you in hell. Jesus who saves and leads to Heaven. You should have chosen Jesus. I hope so.

In heaven, God has a book called “The Lamb’s Book of Life”. When you get save, he will write your name in it. Then your name will stay there and no one can take it out but you by turning back to sin. Please stay with the Lord.

The next thing you must do is to get saved. Here is how: Don’t get down to pray at a street corner where everyone can see you. Instead go to your room and get into your closet or somewhere off by yourself. Pray this prayer: Dearest Lord and Master, I believe you are the Son of God, born of the virgin Mary. Was crucified, died, and buried, and arose again the third day. I believe that you ascended into heaven and now sit at the right hand of God the Father Almighty. I admit that I have sinned and truly sorry for this. I know that you died for my sins and am thankful for this. I now believe that all my past sins are forgiven by you, Jesus. I want you to come into my heart, and dwell there forever. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Did you accept Him? If you said yes, then this is just the begining of a new life in Christ. You are not a sinner anymore. You are a christian. Now you should stay with the Lord and read your Bible every day. Pray to God every day. Be baptized. Go to Church where they preach and believe the truth about God. I’ll see you in Heaven.

By: Flossie Mae Hartshorn

I Believe In God

January 1978

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Well, there you have it. That’s about as straight forward as it gets…yet it was written in love, and typed by her mother, just as she had written it, back in January of 1978. Yes, that 12-year-old girl who wrote this was me. My mother had typed it up and had a bunch of copies made of it and she and Dad presented it at one of our family reunions, where everyone could get a copy that wanted one. It was on January 21, 1978, that my brother, Charles, went home to be with the Lord at 9 years old. Although I don’t remember whether it was before or after he left our world for Heaven that I wrote these words, I only know that a very close family friend found one of the copies for me a few years ago and gave it to me at church. IT was among some of her mother’s things they had been going through after she had passed away. I am grateful that she found it and gave it to me. Otherwise, I had forgotten all about it, and probably would have never even thought of it again.

So, there’s no telling how many folks may have a copy of this sermon, penned by the hand of a humble 12-year-old, just as God gave it to me, lying somewhere in a drawer or an old box in their attic. Yet, the Word of God is timeless. I am only the messenger He chose to carry it. It is God Himself Who laid it on my heart strongly to put it up here as one of my pages here on the website. I have gone e through many changes and trials since then, but one thing will always remain the same… Jesus is still my Lord and Savior, and I love Him now, even more than I did then. He has brought me through many storms since then, and He will bring you through yours too. I hope you will give Him a chance. His return to rapture the Church as His Bride is soon. Let us work together to tell as many as we can, while there is yet time.

In His love until He returns,

Flossie, 45 years later.

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