Stumbling Stones or Stepping Stones: Is There a Book Stuck Inside You? #writeyourbook #whatsyourstory?

Hi everyone, yes, I know I haven’t posted much in a while, just been busy, but just thought this was worth re-blogging. Meanwhile, I am working on the final touches of getting my book, CPR For Your Faith From Beyond Death’s Door, finished, as well as another couple of fiction books I’ve been sitting on. I’ve actually started the ball rolling towards getting my own imprint, which the “faith” book will be published under, so I am really excited about it, more on that later. I do plan to get back to posting more soon, promise! But in the meantime, feel free to scroll through some of my recent posts here, and if you know someone who would be inspired, please share!

Flossie Stewart, Christian Author & Speaker

Write that book What’s YOUR story? What’s holding you back?

Could God be calling YOU to write a book and tell your story? The truth is, God is no respecter of persons (see Acts 10:34 & Romans 2:11), and what He has done for one, He will do for another. If you have a testimony of a traumatic event or trying situation God has delivered you from, then it is now your testimony! What have you learned from it? How could the wisdom and strength you’ve gained from it help others? Here are some Bible verses about letting God use our testimony to help others.

Is writing a book one of your goals? If not, maybe it should be. Maybe like a lot of folks, you have been walking around with a book stuck inside of you, you just haven’t known how to go about writing it. Or if you are like…

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