2015 in Review: Thanks For Being a Part of It!

Hi all,

cropped-kimg15561.jpgIt’s hard to believe another year has gone by, and what a year it has been! It’s all thanks to you, because every one of you has been a part of it in some way. Whether you just stopped by to leave a comment, liked a post, or even shared with your friends, thank you!

For some, this past year has been more like a storm, for others it has been more like a category 4 hurricane. For us, it has been rather hectic, with moving to our first private place together, as well as a lot of minor setbacks, including car breakdowns, the first on the way to the hospital when the kidney came through for Keith, along with a couple of minor surgeries myself. (You don’t want kidney stones, trust me. Make those diet changes now. Good resolution for New Year’s – eat healthier!) But it has all made us stronger.

The highlight of this year, for me, was my husband, Keith and me celebrating our first wedding anniversary this past December 23rd! We were married December 23, 2014 in Gatlinburg, TN. We went to our high school prom in 1983, and he even drove my bus that year, which was his senior, my junior year. We somehow always knew we never should have walked away, and by God’s loving grace, He brought us back together again.

The real highlight of the year for us was Keith’s receiving his kidney transplant this past June. Aside from a small case of rejection, which the awesome, top notch team of doctors at UNC got him through just fine, he is now doing great, and for the first time in 9 years, looking forward to going back to work. As we each have 3 children from our first marriages, we have said that we now have the “Brady Bunch”. We are proud of all they are each working to become. We praise God and give Him the glory for all He has done, and look forward to all He has for us in 2016!

That said, Keith and I have many friends and family who lost loved ones in 2015. For those who had to say good bye to someone you loved this year, please know our heartfelt prayers are with you. Take your time to grieve. Believe me, it is important to allow yourself that time that you need for you and your family as you cherish their memory. I was the oldest of 3, and we lost my oldest brother, Charles on January 21, 1978. For a long time, I tried to fool myself that I was over it, that I was ready to go on with my life. In truth, I don’t think you ever really “get over it”. You just learn to live with it, just like an amputee learns to live without a limb. For me, the “eternal flame” of his memory lives on inside my heart. For some, it seems better for them to keep it inside. But the truth is, there is someone out there somewhere, who is going through the same thing you are, someone who needs to know there is someone out there who understands how they feel.

So, take the time you need to remember your loved one. Then, if you haven’t, consider starting a blog. Share your memories, tell your story. Everyone has a story to tell that can perhaps encourage or inspire others. Maybe this is your year to tell your story. After all, I believe that is the beginning of finding healing, in sharing. I don’t think there is ever any perfect healing after losing loved ones, but that it is more something we all need to help each other with, so that perhaps in sharing, we find someone along our path, who has gone through the same thing, and then somehow, you give each other strength to face each new day.

For me, it being that this has been such a hectic year, I will admit, I haven’t had as much time to post this year as I would have liked, but now that things are beginning to settle down somewhat, I do plan to try to post more when I can, and keep you up to date on things to come. As I looked at these stats, I found myself thinking of things I can do better in the coming year (when I get all of this unpacking done. I actually just finally took a break from it all until after Christmas, but I’m getting there, ha ha). For one, I am working on hopefully having some “freebies”, downloads and other goodies for you. I also have some other projects in the works, including the first book in my “Sadie’s Love” duology, which is in the editing stages. You can read sneak preview excerpts of this and other projects I am working on via the “Books Coming Soon” tab in the menu here. My first two books, “Mystery at Windy Mountain” and “A River of Secrets, Summer of the Rose”, are available for purchase on Amazon, B&N.com, and BAM.

Meanwhile, while you’re thinking of those New Year’s Resolutions (has anybody ever actually followed through on those, please do share!), why not start your own blog and share your story with the rest of us. You just never know who might be out there, who just might be inspired by what you have to say. A WordPress blog is really not that hard to set up, you can make it look pretty much like a website should look. It’s easy to connect with other bloggers, the way it’s set up. So, do you have a story to tell? Why not start yours today? I thought I’d share my stats here to help inspire you. (And again, if this year isn’t as crazy as 2015 was, maybe these will look better next year!)

My heartfelt thanks again, to everyone who took the time to be a part of my world in 2015! So, from Keith and me, here’s wishing you each and every one a happy and prosperous New Year, 2016!

On our way to Gatlinburg to get married!



I look forward to seeing you all in 2016!!!!

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