Paper Pirates Possibility

#BookPirating Print copies of your books being sold on #ebay,
For my fellow authors who follow me, my readers who support me, all I will say is, thank you for your support, we are working together, and we are #authorshelpingauthors! To those who are in on this shameful scheme to make money off of other authors’ hard work, we ARE on to you and we will work together to protect our work and help each other! We are united!

Jo Robinson

Something’s got me seriously confused. I saw a post about getting your books taken down from some pirate sites, so as a matter of interest I googled mine again, and found that not only has African Me been loaded on to heaps more torrent sites for free or paid download, but that now Shadow People has joined the pirate party as well. The thing that’s got me wondering is that they’re both being offered on ebay too as paper books. I stopped looking after four different sellers there. (Click on pics to see them bigger)

African Me Satellite TV Robinson Jo 1492719102   eBay.png1

At first I thought it could be a reader selling them second hand, but when I had a proper squiz I saw that they’re being offered as brand new/unopened. The sellers have multiple copies too – ten each mostly in stock, and they’re selling them for less than what Amazon’s charging for them.

Shadow People The Finding Robinson Jo   eBay

I looked…

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One thought on “Paper Pirates Possibility

  1. Thanks for sharing this Flossie! There’s a lot more profit in selling paper books, and it should be going to the authors who spent the months creating them. Don’t ever give up on stomping out piracy.


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